Month: April 2019

Dangers of Non-State Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres

The problem of alcohol addiction is so acute in most of the US states. A number of rehab facilities have been established to deal with the problem. We have those that are run by the state and those that are run by companies.  There are various factors that you must consider before deciding on the rehabilitation centre to join. You can either join a centre that is found within your state or that is found in another state. In case you want to join an alcohol rehab that is not found within your state, there are various cons that you must be ready to bear with.  These are as follows:

  • Leaving support-When you move to a rehab which is far from your state, it means that you move far away from your family. The family is an important aspect that supports your recovery process. Close connection with your family has big positive impacts on recovery outcomes.
  • Financial challenges– some insurance covers do not consider rehabs that are outside your state. In case you choose sober homes away from your state, it means that you will finance the recovery program through your pocket which may prove to be very expensive. Before you select any facility that is out of your state, it is important to check whether your insurance will cover the program.
  • Risking discomfort– There are various discomforts associated with undertaking an alcohol recovery program. These discomfitures can be made worse in case you’re recovering in an unfamiliar environment. In case you want to manage these discomforts well, it is advisable that you choose a state that is not far from your home.
  • The crucial factors in case you’re looking for a rehab, it is important to consider whether its programs will offer you the support and personnel that is required to overcome your problem. You must consider the treatment options available, inpatient and outpatient options and what you are required to buy. In case an in-state program has these factors, it is crucial to choose it.
  • Costs-A rehab far away from your state may be expensive because of the need to travel. It is important to evaluate the main reasons that might compel you to choose such a program. In case you find that the rehabs found within your state have the same services as that of outside you state, it is commendable to choose the former to cut on costs.
  • Disconnection to counsellors and therapists-It may be difficult for counsellors and therapists to offer you further services after being discharged from their facility. This is because your state is far away and it may be difficult to visit you regularly and monitor your progress.